Wednesday, August 6, 2014

BeYOUtiful Models Welcome Miss USA/Universe Runway Coach

@beyoutifulrolemodels Welcomes THE ONE AND ONLY SUPER MODEL to the team This Fall Ms. Lu Sierra to the team! She is fierce darling and one of if not THE most sought after PAGEANT RUNWAY Coaches in THE UNIVERSE! Ladies and gentleman she's more than a "Walking Coach" she's a motivational figure I bet you when you leave her session you'll fill like you can Conquer the world that's what it's all about. Calling all Teens, Miss, Ms. and Mrs./ALL AGES! Heck I'm signing up for the class and I'm the organizer. See if you're in the business you would know that you would most likely have to travel to NYC just to get an appointment with her and the industry knowledge. We welcome Madame Lu Sierra to Florida and on the team! Sign up today email us this class will be booked but she will be also doing one on ones that I will gladly book of course! #beyoutifulrolemodels #beauty #supermodel #paris #runwaycoach #motivationalspeaker #fabulousdarling #youbetterwork #highfashion #couture #caviar #luluorangeinc

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